WC is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractor

New Installation, Up grades, Maintenance and Repairs.
Site Prep
Residential and commercial building site preparation.
Electrical Services
Temp Power, New Installs and Up grades.
From site clean up to removing flooded structures.
RV Power
Installing NEC compliant RV receptacles.
Area Lighting
Light up areas for access or security.
Water Well
Repair circuits installed by Farmers. General Maintenance, Trouble shooting and repair.
New Construction, Remodles, Fixture replacement and trouble shooting.
Installing culverts and other water management devices.
Install or repair fencing. Farm to Privacy we do it all.
Distributed Power, Stand alone, Area lighting and more.
Emergency back up for Hurricane preparedness or the occasional black out.
Ornamental or livestock watering.
Solar water pumps
Remote or residential.
Out Door Cooking
BBQ and out door living areas.
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WC will work with you to build to your specifications.

Let your imagination design your project or consult WC for design recommendations..

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